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When the National Urban League produced the first The State of Black America® in 1976, the report captured the plight of a people who had been victims of systemic racism since arriving on the shores of this nation. More than a century after enslaved people were freed at the end of the civil war, the political leadership in this country had failed to help Black Americans secure equal rights entitled to all Americans.

Politicians, including the President, had also failed to adequately capture and address the systemic barriers to equitable employment, health, housing, education, social justice, civic participation, and economic opportunity. Out of this, the State of Black America was born ..

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The Executive Summary 2022, "Under Siege: The Plot to Destroy Democracy," offers a profound exploration of the challenges faced by Black and Brown communities in America. This document delves into the historical and contemporary impacts of systemic racism, underlining the disproportionate effects on voting rights and other civic freedoms. Key sections include an in-depth analysis of the National Urban League's Equality Index, which measures progress in economic empowerment, health, education, social justice, and civic engagement relative to whites.

Additionally, the summary discusses the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recessions on these communities, offering insights into the precarious nature of social and economic gains for Black Americans. This comprehensive report serves as a crucial resource for understanding and addressing racial inequalities in America.

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