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An All-Out Assault on Voting Rights and the Democratic Process

The National Urban League is coming to Atlanta, the cradle of American Civil Rights history and activism, for a special in-person event to mark the release of Under Siege: The Plot to Destroy Democracy, the 46th edition of the organization's State of Black America® annual report on the social and economic status of Black lives in the United States. Both an authoritative assessment and a bracing "call to arms," Under Siege exposes the true scope and severity of what National Urban League President and CEO Marc H. Morial called "an all-out assault on voting rights and the democratic process." Emboldened by bogus claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election, political forces are actively subverting the democratic process. The goal is to silence Black voices through targeted gerrymandering of Congressional districts, enacting ever-stricter voter ID laws, and handing the power to overturn elections to partisan operatives. Under Siege paints a disturbing portrait of a nation in crisis and forces every American to confront vital questions: How can we restore our democracy, ensure the integrity of future elections, and advance the cause of racial equality in such a divisive environment? On April 12, the National Urban League marks the release of its State of Black America® report with a special launch event that will bring together National Urban League leaders, members of Congress, and leading civil rights activists, as well as members of the next generation of leaders – HBCU students who will continue the fight for equity and social justice.

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