Equality Index 2018 - Black White

The 2018 Black-White Equality Index, published by the National Urban League, is a critical tool in understanding and documenting the progress towards economic empowerment for Black Americans in relation to their White counterparts. The Index serves as a comprehensive measure that encapsulates the comparative status of African Americans in key areas such as economics, health, education, social justice, and civic engagement. It visualizes these disparities as proportions of a metaphorical "pie," quantifying the share that African Americans, as well as Hispanics, receive compared to Whites.

The choice of Whites as a benchmark is rooted in the historical context of the United States, where racial dynamics have historically and continuously advantaged White Americans in many socio-economic outcomes. This Index is not just a representation of current disparities but also a powerful tool in the ongoing mission for racial equality and economic empowerment.

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