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Project CODE's (Collaborative Organizations to End Domestic Extremism) partners congratulate the National Urban League's legacy of releasing The State of Black America report since 1976 and bringing prescient issues to the public square! Research confirms that those who weaponize hate specifically target marginalized and minority communities, including the Black, Latino, American Indian, Asian, and Pacific Islander communities, communities of color, religious minorities, and the LGBTQ community. Project CODE seeks to provide information and collaboration to extend allyship across organizations.

Two years after the extreme violence of January 6th, 2021, was displayed in front of the world, deep stains and scars remain. It is essential to acknowledge that for centuries before that day, communities have faced persistent and evolving political violence, disenfranchisement, exclusion, and social harm. For years, our communities have researched and advocated for policy protections against the same elements that gave rise to January 6th. We have fought to be recognized as valuable contributors to this nation's past, present, and future. 

During the years immediately prior, it is well-documented that hate crimes and hate-inspired speech showed an alarming and consistent spike, especially against historically targeted racial, ethnic, religious, queer, and LGBTQ communities. Project CODE partners recognize that our sense of belonging and prosperity relies on freedom from violence. That freedom requires confronting the threat that armed violence poses to our democracy and the hate-fueled rhetoric that feeds it. Moreover, keeping voters and elections safe from political violence is necessary to advance free, fair, and secure elections and ballot access.

As a collective of civic and service organizations, Project CODE partners are passionate about finding solutions to these threats because we know the harm they cause to our constituencies and democratic institutions. With support from the Joyce Foundation in 2022, Project CODE was launched to foster a synergy between cross-sector organizations whose communities are directly affected by rising political violence. In 2023, Project CODE established www.theprojectcode.org to serve as a resource hub for community members, organizers, researchers, and advocates to leverage data and insight from our partners.

Facilitating connections between our members and partners (at all levels) outside of Project CODE is critical to the initiative's success. This is especially true as we work together to stem the rising tide of political extremism and violence. 

We are all aware that we cannot successfully confront the threat alone. So we aim to find points of connection where collective action will multiply our strength. We seek to work in partnership to ensure that the fundamental rights we have all fought for can be safely exercised. Our work is driven by the shared understanding that collaboration is the key to success.

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