Executive Summary 2016

The State of Black America®, the National Urban League’s seminal annual publication now in its 40th edition, has become one of the most highly-anticipated benchmarks and sources for thought leadership around racial equality in America across economics, employment, education, health, housing, criminal justice and civic participation. Each edition of the State of Black America contains thoughtful commentary and insightful analysis from leading figures and thought leaders in politics, the corporate arena, NGOs, academia and popular culture.

The State of Black America also includes the Equality Index, a quantitative tool for tracking racial equality in America, now in its 12th edition of the Black-White Index and its seventh edition of the Hispanic-White Index.

The 2016 report features the third edition of the metro Equality Index, ranking approximately 70 metro areas based on unemployment and income equality for Blacks ...

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The "Executive Summary 2016" offers a pivotal insight into the state of racial equality in America, marking the 40th edition of the National Urban League's seminal publication, the State of Black America®. This summary not only serves as a benchmark for racial disparities but also provides a comprehensive analysis across crucial sectors such as economics, employment, education, health, housing, criminal justice, and civic participation.

It features the 2016 Equality Index, a critical quantitative tool for tracking racial equality, with specific focus on the Black-White and Hispanic-White disparities. This edition also includes a special 40-year retrospective, offering a unique perspective on the evolution of these disparities since the first report in 1976, and a reflective commentary on the progress and challenges during President Obama's administration in addressing racial inequalities.

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